Quick Check List Fall 2017

Quick Check List—Fall 2017


   On-site help:

  • Assistant Chairs: 
  • Administrative Assistant:
    • Tresia Garcia, RGC 113, Tel: 223-3191
  • Lab Support Supervisors:
    • Round Rock and Highland Campus, James Harris RRC 2232.22,  Tel: 223-4664
    • Pinnacle, Contact person Rene Polanco, PIN 307, Tel: 223-8050
    • Cypress Campus,  Contact person Jeffrey Ferris, CYP 2125.1, Tel: 223-2080
    • Northridge Campus, James Harris, NRG 4267B, Tel: 223-4664
    • Eastview and Riverside Campus, Christopher Miller, EVC 8315, Tel: 223-5177
    • Hays Campus and South Austin Campus, Nathan Wermerskirchen, HAY 1332, Tel: 223-6603

Beginning of Semester:

  1. Make sure that you have the correct textbook for your course. Check the hard copy textbook list or check the Departmental website at www.austincc.edu/cit. The current textbook list is included in your packet. Textbooks are chosen by the taskforce for each course.  All instructors use the same textbook for the same course. Millie Marquis, CIS Coordinator, 223-0164, is your textbook desk copy contact.
  1. Required: The Computer Studies Faculty must post their syllabus for all classes that you teach on the ACC Web Site using the online LIGHTHOUSE software application (http://www.austincc.edu/ITdocs/lighthouse/index.php) . This is the requirement of the Texas State Legislature so there are no exceptions.  The Computer Studies department requires you to sequence the categories as listed in the document “Online Syllabi, Office Hours and Vita” on the CIT website at www.austincc.edu/cit and included in the packet. The posted syllabus should include the schedule even though you have it in Blackboard.
  1. You are required to post your Office Hours on the web through Lighthouse by the end of the 1st week. Adjuncts are required to have 1 hour per week per course, and Full-time are required to have 5 hours per week in their office and an additional 1 hour per week for an overload class and 5 hours by appointment.
  1. All faculty must use Blackboard course management tool at a minimum for recording grades.
  1. Your Syllabus must contain the required elements on the Master Syllabi located at www.austincc.edu/cit Send me a copy of your syllabus during the first 2 weeks of class. This is a requirement of the Texas Higher Education Board.
  1. Your First day handout should include the syllabi and the Student Information Sheet.
  1. Print a copy of your Class Roster for each section that you teach. Use the Online Services link on the ACC home to log into the Faculty Online Services and print your class roster.  Be sure to take roll the first 2 weeks to ensure that everyone in your class is registered.  Students may not attend your class if they are not registered according to college policy.  Check the class roster often to ensure that the students attending your class are still enrolled as often a student may be dropped for non-payment.  
  1. A faculty resource guide “Semester Smart Start” is available online at http://www.austincc.edu/faculty/newsemester/index.php .
  1. Enrollments are high this semester so there will be students wanting or begging to get into your section.  Do not tell the students that it is ok with you for them to enroll in your class. Be sure to check your class role not only the first day of class but during the 2nd week also to ensure that the student is enrolled.     It is college policy that a student may not attend your class without being registered.  Send them to Admissions and Records if they think that they are enrolled but do not appear on your class role.
    • These are the reasons that I will override the limit (if possible).  They are
      • Student is graduating this semester and this is a required course for graduation.
      • College error that the student was dropped and needs to be reinstated.
      • The student needs a course level change.
      • The student will need to call me at 223-3185.
  1. Use the Student Information sheet and have the student list the computer courses they have completed and any computer job related experience.  Use this as a tool to check the prerequisites for the course. The student may meet the prerequisite through previous course work or relevant job experience.
  1. Check the Prerequisites to ensure the students have met them.  If a student needs to be changed to a lower or higher level course please have them call or see the Department Chair (223-3185). This must be done by the end of the 2nd week.  I will work with the student.
  1. Our goal is to have high student retention without compromising academic standards. The college is putting more and more emphasizes on student retention. Implement creative ways in your teaching to reach the students regardless of their learning style.
  1. The duplication access code is 456460.

Semester Duties:

  1. Check your ACC e-mail and your mailbox before going to class. Your correspondence to students needs to be from your ACC e-mail.
  1. Adjunct Faculty, please check the e-staffing timeline for the assignment of Spring 2014 classes and if you have problems entering the systems please call my office at 223-3191.
  1. New:  Students or faculty wishing to get a copy of the DreamSpark  (formerly MSDNA Academic Alliance) Software (office excluded formerly MSDNA Academic Alliance) follow the same procedures that are on the www.austincc.edu/cit website.  Be sure to use the Students’ ACC e-mail not any other mail provider.  Microsoft Access is available.
  1. If you must be absent from class, call the Department Chair and let her know.  If you cannot reach that office, call the campus manager’s office on that campus.  Your absence must be reported.  You are allowed one absence and after that your pay will be deducted.  The college has a no walk policy.  It is not ok to say that you held class through Blackboard as you have been assigned a classroom course.
  1. Remember the Lab staff does not cover classes or proctor tests and should not be asked to do so.  Neither do they post cancel class notices so do not call the lab asking them to post your cancelled class.  The campus administrative office posts the cancelled class notice and notifies the department chair and dean.  Even if you have e-mailed your students letting them know that the class is cancelled, you still must notify the campus administration and the Department Chair. 


  1. If you have a student problem you are unable to resolve, please call or e-mail the Department Chair so we can resolve the situation before it becomes a major crisis.  Many of the instructors cc me on correspondence to a student if they think there may be a problem.  Refer the student to myself.  Do not send a problem to Student Development, President’s office, or Dean’s Office until the department has had a chance to address it.
  1. Evaluations:  Students evaluations are now done every semester.  The evaluation materials will be in your mailbox at the campus the course is held.  Complete and submit the Faculty Input Form.  If it is your year to complete a portfolio, submit it in hardcopy by December 15.

End of Semester:

  1. At the end of the semester e-mail a copy of the Grade Submittal Screen for each course that you teach to the Department Chair.
  2. Turn in syllabus for each of your courses if you have not already done so.

Have a great semester.

Mary Kohls

Computer Studies Chair    Call me anytime at work 512-223-3185, home 512-345-9496 or cell 512-228-2637.