Microsoft Academic Alliance software

Procedures for Students to Download Software


The Microsoft Academic Alliance software will be available to the Computer Science/ Computer Information Systems students that are enrolled in computer classes. Remember this does not include Microsoft Office as that is not part of the Academic Alliance.  The following procedures will need to be followed in order for the students to download the software:

1.   Instructor collects student IDs and E-mail addresses for each student that wishes to download the software. The software can only be downloaded outside of ACC’s firewall.

2.   Instructor sends a list via E-mail of student names, student IDs, and E-mail addresses for each course to Stan Pushkarsky,  Please cc myself .

3.   We will send the information to ELMS Microsoft’s software distribution center.

4.   ELMS will e-mail the student giving them instruction as to how to download the software.

5.   The student will have to know what software to download for your course.  You as their instructor will need to give the student a list of the software products.

6.   If they have problems downloading the student will need to use on the on-line support for assistance. 

7.   Remember the software cannot be downloaded at any of Austin Community College’ labs or offices because of the firewall.

8.   If you wish software for yourself, you will also need to follow the same procedure as above.

9.   Be aware that the average download time for a single CD’s worth of information from this site via DSL is 25-35 minutes. If downloading from a dial-up the time will be significantly greater. Most of the programming language software requires 2 to 3 CDs or more.