Accelerated Programmer Training

Over the past 12 months the Computer Sciences Department at ACC has been developing 24 competency based courses in the area of computer programming.  Successful students will be able to move as quickly as they are able through the offerings as they are launched.  
  • Rolling start and end dates: As of August 26, 2013 students have been able to initiate coursework at the 16, 12 and 8 week start dates. In some cases; because of prior experience or self study, a student may move through the modules in far less than the standard semester — and begin another course. 
  • Support - APT Program participants can elect to be paired with an APT Student Support Specialist to sustain motivation.
  • We respect the demands on your time and work to support you in that context.
  • A student can go as fast as they are willing and able to go through the work.
  • Students with prior experience and demonstrable competencies earn credits for previous learning.
  • Faculty will maintain office hours during which you may contact them with questions or comments.

New APT offerings for the Fall 2014 semester:

  • ITSE 1391 Special Topics: Software Testing             
  • ITMT 1400 Implement and Support Windows 7&8
  • ITSE 1393 Special Topics: Mobile Apps                    
  • INEW 2338 Advanced Java
  • ITSE 1356 Extensible Markup Language                  
  • ITSE 1394 Special Topics: Ruby on Rails
  • ITSE 1394 Special Topics: jQuery                            
  • ITSE 1450 System Analysis Design                          
  • ITSE 2339 PC Help Desk
All modules apply to the Degree plan for AAS in Computer Programming and will be applicable to the certificate tracks in JAVA, C++ and Database programming.


Students interested in learning Computer Programming may be glad to hear about what the Department of Labor (DOL) and Austin Community College have launched,  APT: a pilot program in accelerated training for programmers. This means to you is that you can learn from your own place—at anytime of day, or night, best suited to you. This program is not for everyone. If you feel you have the maturity and self-discipline to follow the lessons and do the work in your own time, visit the APT Program website to learn more.  These courses are distance-learning courses, which you can move through as quickly as your previous work experience and knowledge will allow.  


Built into the courses are opportunities to demonstrate competencies from the start. We are looking for people who have been in the workforce for years and have more knowledge than credentials.  We are looking for people motivated to advance their careers and are offering them an opportunity to begin a new set of courses as quickly as once a month if need be. We are also very interested in helping our returning Veteran’s quickly get the training they need for gratifying employment.  The first nine of 24 courses will rolled out in August of 2013. We are continue to work with area industry experts to create course materials relevant to their needs and to develop expert assessments, to assure industry and you that on day one, you will arrive on the job fully prepared.